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Steve Scott

My PhD - in progress.
My thesis is presented as a fictional exploration of the Self and business education via narrative therapy & hysterical inquiry. Within this text, I meet and converse with a number of individuals. These minor characters should be read for what they are: twisted versions of me. They are Lacanian mirrors placed at intervals in which I pause to see if I can glimpse some shadow of truth/self in the dysmorphic reflections. The story begins, ends, and is punctuated at intervals by conversations with my therapist. These have been included to provide a mirror (the analyst's discourse) for my hysteric's discourse. This allows me to view myself as a text (a mirror through which I can better understand, not only business education, but the self). I have also included numerous endnotes, which also operate as a mirror (the discourse of the university), providing the requisite, and inescapable, academic ballast that keeps this thesis afloat. It is through considering these various looking glasses and smashing each in turn, that I hope to see the real reflected back in the multitude of sharp splinters that will, through the construction of this book, be reassembled into a far more palatable whole.

About Me
I grew up in a small South Island town which I hated. I prefer the company of dogs to people. I find team sports incredibly boring - particularly rugby. School was a huge waste of time. I am addicted to running - the longer the better. I am also addicted to coffee - the stronger the better. I spend my evenings reading - preferably absurdist fiction. I threw the TV away in 2010. I never watch, read or listen to the news. I'm an atheist, vote Green, and rarely drink - but when I do, I prefer good Scotch.